“Black Caesar” by Scru Face Jean

I talked to the very charismatic Omaha rapper Scru Face Jean before the release of his song, “Black Caesar.” He explained some of the very interesting concepts behind his new track.


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The Entrance band at slowdown

This was my first concert review for Hear Nebraska and I was lucky enough to do so at a show that had so many great bands on the bill.


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Cultivating chemistry in dresses

Portland-based band Dresses talked to me about the formation of their band and the romantic relationship that existed at one time between the band’s only two members.


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“Laid Low” by Nick Carl

Omaha songwriter Nick Carl gave me the details behind the creation of his new song, “Laid Low.”


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Animal eyes finds new home

Ahead of their show in Omaha, Portland-based Animal Eyes told me about their move from Alaska and how their band transplanted themselves into the continental U.S.


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Civicminded’s video for “The Vandal”

Omaha-based civicminded explained to me the concept behind the music video for their song “The Vandal,” which featured a mannequin as its main star.


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Robert Walters plays “Nebraska’s Carnegie Hall”

Robert Walters is a Lincoln native who now plays in the Cleveland Orchestra. He was so excited to play in his hometown for the first time that he compared Lincoln’s Lied Center to Carnegie Hall.


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Omaha guitar trio

Simply put: these guys are just really, really good at guitar. Talking with them while they played classical guitar renditions of popular video game theme songs was a blast.


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Omaha Blues Society: Keeping blues alive

Omaha Blues Society is a really awesome day camp-like organization that brings in kids and teaches them how to play instruments and sing, as well as all of the nuances that come with the blues genre in general.


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Lincoln Exposed

I covered nights one and two of the annual music showcase, Lincoln Exposed. It was a whole new experience for me and it was an absolute blast. Everyone on the Hear Nebraska teams works so hard and it was a pleasure to work with them on these two nights.

Night one:


Night two:


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